Wireworld Cable Technology is going GREEN.

Posted July 13, 2017 by Keith Rogers

Green Initiative Wireworld Cable Technology is committed to doing our part for our ecology and the betterment of the planet. Sound isn't the only thing we'd like to see getting clearer. Read more ... [Details]

Groundbreaking New Studio Snake Cable

Posted January 25, 2017 by Keith Rogers

Florida cable manufacturer Wireworld Pro Audio and Los Angeles based studio wiring specialist Studio Solutions, are introducing the Evo-Snake studio cables, featuring a patented conductor geometry that improves audible and measurable fidelity. Read more ... [Details]

Wireworld's Full Line of Cat 8 Ethernet Cables

Posted January 18, 2017 by Keith Rogers

Wireworld Cable Technology, one of the world's most respected brands of high performance audio and video cables, announces the development of two new Category 8 cables for high speed media network applications. Read more ... [Details]

Wireworld Evo-Snake™

Posted December 28, 2016 by Keith Rogers

The Issue. Music that has passed through a conventional audio snake sounds smeared and compressed when compared to the original incoming signal. Read more ... [Details]

Ethernet Q & A

Posted December 28, 2016 by Keith Rogers

How can an upgrade cable improve streaming fidelity when Ethernet already transfers files perfectly? Read more ... [Details]

HDMI Cable Guide - Bandwidth Is The Key

Posted December 13, 2016 by Keith Rogers

The HDMI connection system has evolved in many ways since it was introduced, but the cable configuration has not changed at all. However, an alternate configuration was added in V1.4 to support Ethernet and the Audio Return Channel. Other than that, the only changes that affect cables are the increased... [Details]

The Value of Neutral Cables

Posted November 08, 2016 by Keith Rogers

The Value of Neutral Cables Neutrality is essential to lifelike music reproduction because the highest fidelity can only be achieved by minimizing audible changes through each link in the audio chain.  These changes, commonly known as colorations, are actually distortions that lower fidelity because they filter delicate musical information and... [Details]

Headphone Plug Guide

Posted October 17, 2016 by Keith Rogers

Wireworld Cable Technology carries a large number of connectors compatible with most types ofheadphones and in-ear monitors. List & images [Details]

What Sounds Better Than A Short Cable?

Posted October 17, 2016 by Keith Rogers

This core concept is one everybody knows. Two components directly connected with no cable in between will produce the best possible sound your gear is capable of. Read more ... [Details]